Our approach

The Institute will deliver the first end-to-end response to pandemics

To deliver positive societal change and impact, the Institute will adapt and translate research into practical and applicable solutions across the three pillars of impact.

The three pillars have been chosen to generate maximum societal impact for individuals, business and governments across the globe.

It will be a virtual mechanism modelled on the existing Materials Innovation Factory partnership between UoL and Unilever.
  • Predict

    Identify pathogens of pandemic potential

  • Prevent

    Developing vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Prepare

    Sequencing & characterising pathogenicity

  • Respond

    Delivering public health measures & intelligence for the supply chain

  • Recover

    Reducing economic shock through rapid policy implementation

Adapt and Translate

In 'peacetime', exploit, adapt and reuse the Institute’s knowledge and know-how for related challenges in infectious diseases

  • Science and technology

  • Business and economics

  • Policy and impact