The world's first end-to-end response to pandemics

A global institute to accelerate the response to current and future pandemics, unifying intelligence and generating scientific excellence with societal impact for all

The Pandemic Institute’s funding partners have a proven capability for pandemic research, innovation, and impact. With headquarters in Liverpool UK, the Pandemic Institute has a unique local and global ecosystem, unifying on the ground intelligence to generate scientific excellence with societal impact for all.

The Pandemic Institute provides comprehensive end-to-end cabability across the pandemic lifecycle, a game changer that will allow the world to respond at pace in the race to prepare for the next pandemic.

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Our priorities

Accelerate global response

  • Develop globally connected, digitally enabled infrastructure to support front line scientific endeavor.
  • Next generation innovation to support in-field sampling and rapid real-time analysis.
  • Build critical mass of expertise and develop a pipeline of future leaders in pandemic and infection control.
  • Involve local, global communities in the development of response action plans.

Unify global intelligence

  • Facilitate a network of globally leading experts to create, develop and share real-time analytics and solutions.
  • Enable clinical and pragmatic trials to be delivered faster, smarter and with greater impact.
  • Provide transparent and openly available data for the purposes of cross-sector collaboration.
  • Enhance capacity, capability and create Centers of Excellence.

Increase global societal impact

  • Increase community participation in early stage trials of new diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Develop policy with national and international impact.
  • Support community led innovation and first time entrepreneurs to create sector growth.
  • Drive international export and sharing of IP, knowledge and know-how.


Liverpool announces world leading ‘end-to-end’ Pandemic Institute

Liverpool is to headquarter the Pandemic Institute, committed to helping the world prevent, prepare, and respond more effectively to pandemics.

Liverpool successfully staged the largest pilot event programme in the UK

The ambition of the Events Research Programme was to understand how the risk of transmission can be reduced at large events when public health measures are introduced.