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Ker-Pow! How Science Superheroes Crushed Covid!

October 31, 2023

This month our Director Professor Tom Solomon has been performing his educational children’s show in London and Liverpool, introducing families to Corry the coronavirus and the scientists working to defeat it.

The show took place in collaboration with our colleagues at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), and brought together families in both London at the RCP museum, and in Liverpool at The Pandemic Institute HQ in The Spine. The show featured five comic book “science superheroes” tussling with their nemesis, Corry the Coronavirus. During the show the audience learned why viruses emerge, what happens in a pandemic, and how we can beat such threats in the future. In the highly interactive show, children played Jason and the R-Go-Noughts to understand how viruses are passed on and dressed up as bogeys to see how the body fights infection! We were particularly thrilled to have children over from our neighbours at the Kensington Fields Community Association, who do such fantastic work in the local area. You can watch a preview of one of Tom’s previous show’s here.

Prof Tom Solomon performing show

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of accessible communications with the wider population. At the height of the pandemic, Tom appeared regularly on BBC One’s Breakfast and Radio 4’s Today Programme. Other appearances include CBBC’s Newsround, BBC One’s The One Show and Question Time, as well as Radio 4’s Saturday Live and Great Lives.

Group of children at kerpow show