UK Pandemic Sciences Network

Bringing together the UK’s leading pandemic science research teams to support the delivery of the G7’s 100 Days Mission

The UK’s science and innovation led approach to COVID-19 has delivered major national and global benefits at record speed. This has leveraged expertise and capabilities from across a wide range of leading UK universities, academic institutions, and life science companies. To build upon this and improve responsiveness to future pandemic risks we have formed a UK Pandemic Sciences Network.

The UK Pandemic Sciences Network (UKPSN) brings together the UK’s leading universities and pandemic science research teams to support the delivery of the 100 days mission and improve pandemic preparedness both in the UK and globally. The ultimate purpose of the network is to help protect people and society from epidemic and pandemic infectious diseases through scientific discovery and innovation.


The UKPSN focuses on building collaboration and prioritisation of research across the UK to ensure impact in strategically important areas, guided by the overarching framework of the 100 Days Mission to respond to future pandemic threats. In addition, the UKPSN:

  • Supports the UK pandemic sciences community to establish more and better connections, and enhance collaboration between this community and researchers in related disciplines.
  • Acts as a convening body and focal point for academic interaction with HM Government including the UK Health Security Agency; and with overseas governments, public health agencies (including WHO) and industry.
  • Delivers an annual UK pandemic sciences conference and regular training/seminar series to support connectivity and skills development – in particular of early career researchers within the Network.
  • Establishes urgent response or task-and-finish groups to tackle specific / emerging issues.

Current activity

    • UKPSN event in September 2023 to bring UKPSN, government and industry together
    • £50K to support secretariat UKPSN for 3 years
    • Meeting of board members 3 times per year
    • Creation of UKPSN charter
    • Liaison point between government and network members
    • The UKPSN Secretariat has agreed to collate a UK academic inventory on pandemic preparedness infrastructure and expertise
    • Next UKPSN conference (Glasgow April 2025)

UKPSN Members